Whether a home is newer or historic, sewer lines can become damaged for a variety of reasons. Sometimes tree roots can cause the line to crack. Excavation in the area can cause the earth to shift, and a line will crack. Sometimes the sewer lines just wear out. When a homeowner or business needs sewer repair, Seattle, they should consider trenchless sewer repair before calling in a backhoe to replace the line. The use of a backhoe to replace a sewer line can result in a higher repair bill. Trees may need to be removed, and the yard or landscaping will need to be repaired. Using a trenchless method to replace the line eliminates the additional cost of repairing the yard area.

The use of one type of trenchless pipe repair requires the use of two smaller holes. One hole will be used to reach the pipe, and the other hole will be used to pull the new pipe through. The entire stretch of pipe will not need to be excavated to replace the entire pipe. For pipes that travel under sidewalks or driveways, this can save a homeowner or business the added cost of replacing the sidewalk or driveway. The life of a sewer pipe is approximately 40 years. A homeowner may have built a new home but connected to an old sewer line.

When a sewer line stops working it usually becomes an emergency situation for a homeowner or business. Trenchless sewer repair Seattle has been being performed over the last 10 to 15 years although many individuals are not aware of the process or how it works. Another trenchless repair requires the use of only one hole to be excavated to reach the damaged pipe. A pipe lining can be installed by the use of a flexible tube. A resin is blown into the inside of a pipe. This will inflate within the pipe and Seattle sewer repair harden. It creates a pipe within the pipe and corrects the problem.

Although the pipe is inside the original pipe, it will not affect the sewage from existing a building to the proper waste disposal area. If a pipe has joints or has completely collapsed, pipe lining may not be able to be performed. This type of repair has warranties that can range from 10 to 50 years. Although a broken sewer pipe is of great concern to an owner, there are many different alternatives that will not destroy their yard or their landscaping to repair.